What do we do?

We built our Drag Racing Reaction Simulators in 2021 for Rocky Mountain Raceweek. We quickly realized that these things are awesome and deserve more so we’ve been working on the Reaction Time Association for a while now.

Our goal is to bring fun, competitive, cost effective fun for the entire family that simulates one of the most important parts of drag racing…. REACTION TIME!

These simulators emulate street outlaws cars that have a twin turbo setup with a trans brake and a bump button. These are complete with sounds, pneumatics to simulate a wheelie and a full tree. Don’t know how to operate it? No worries, that’s what we are here for. We will show you how to cut a great light!

The BMF RTA adds so much more to the mix!! The yearly membership includes free entry into all of our sanctioned RTA events and allows all your stats to be tracked on our state of the art system! We will track over 20 metrics of your reaction times and in the very near future will have your stats visible remotely for everyone to enjoy.

We are going to do regional events starting in Colorado where we are based and expand from there to include many other regions. Kearney Nebraska will be the first venture outside Colorado. Regional series will be comprised of 3-4 events that are point based and give you the opportunity to get into the top 10 to qualify for the National Championships!

National event series will be comprised of any other event not deemed regional by our board of directors. These events will be comprised of any other event we attend or go to that we hold sanctioned RTA events at. These national events include venues like SEMA, PRI, NHRA series events, 1320 ICC, RMRW 1.0 and 2.0, and many others to be announced.

The National Championship event will be held yearly in the early spring after our winter season is over and all scores have been finalized. There will be a cash prize and trophies for first and second place at nationals. The first season is about to start and our first champion will be crowned the spring of 2024!

Signup is quick and easy! Follow the link below to register. We are keeping the initial membership fee low so we can get this off the ground and get it rolling! Next year will likely go up slightly. These fees help keep us doing what we are doing for all the members. Without your involvement, this won’t work!

Click Here for BMF RTA Signup

Thank you for your support!!! Keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page for the event schedule!

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If you have questions, concerns, or need help with something please reach out to us via email below:


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