We work in a variety of industries and can offer support on many more that we haven’t been in yet. We thrive on taking your process knowledge and putting it together with our Automation knowledge to solve problems. Not sure we can help you? There is nothing we can’t do. We specialize in controls and can tackle anything you have problems with. Below is a snapshot of industries we’ve worked in and what we have experience with.

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From automating your entire facility to simple VFD additions we’ve done it all. We’ve written our own controls scheme for breweries regardless how big or small. Keg washers, canning equipment, glychol systems, cellar panels and controls, transfer pumps and anything in between. Temperature control is something we specialize in and can offer some amazing solutions for monitoring, control and historical data tracking as well as trending for all your tanks. Look at our product spotlight page for more information.

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From separators to homogenizers and anything else in between we’ve had our hands on it. We can offer PLC control of any equipment in your dairy facility including packaging equipment. Casers, stackers, conveyor lines, boxers, case washing and case transfer we have you covered. From controls upgrades to modifying or troubleshooting existing controls we’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt! CIP systems are also a specialty of ours. Whether you need upgrades or something isn’t working right or it needs adjustment we can get it done quickly and correctly.

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Whatever you make, we can help you make it more cost effective. Whether you’re cutting metal or making petroleum bi-products we can help. We are experts in automation and can design, develop or redesign your existing system to make it work better. We service crane controls and provide troubleshooting and maintenance for any existing system you have whether it’s old or new. We are here to help!

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Food & Beverage

From bakeries to salsa and cheese dip too. We have built controls for mixers, glychol systems, conveyors and a hundred other projects that are one off. If you need to make something and want a control package that won’t break the bank we can help. We specialize in cost effective solutions that get the job done.

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Oil & Gas

With nearly a decade of experience in multiple states, we’ve touched more automation and controls than you can shake a stick at! We can sell and service any of the control devices that you have problems with and have used more instrumentation than most people know exist. Let us show you why we are the best at what we do!

Let’s build something together.

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