BMF DRS – Drag Racing Simulators

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The BMF DRS – Drag Racing Simulators

Product Overview

Requiring only a standard 120 volt wall outlet to power up these BMF DRS Drag Racing Simulators provide hours of competitive fun for small and large groups alike.  We use compressed air to energize pneumatic cylinders that elevate the front of the cart 8” off the platform to simulate a wheelie on a drag strip.  They have interactive inputs that simulate real world drag race cars and also have realistic race car sounds to go with it.  They operate using NHRA specs with a Pro or Sportsman drag racing tree.


Space requirements are roughly 10×10 minimum, but we prefer 15×15 if possible.  Power requirements are one 120v wall outlet preferably close to where the carts will be set up, but we have extension cords to accommodate or can even power up outside off of our truck.  Compressed air is provided by our mobile compressors that can run off battery power or a standard 120 volt wall outlet.  Either way we will provide the compressor. 

Outdoor Events

With outdoor events we need to be within 100 feet of our truck for power and air connections.  We will bring a canopy in case of inclement weather, but with severe winds or rain we can’t run the machines outside to prevent damage.


The upward motion of the carts is limited to 10”.  By OSHA guidelines no fall protection is required unless you’re more than 2 feet off the ground.  The upward motion is not violent enough to require safety equipment while operating.


The pneumatic components work best with people weighing less than 250 pounds, however the carts will hold more weight than that.  The cylinders will not lift much (if at all) with persons weighing more than 300 pounds.

Pricing Details

Setup and teardown time is roughly 30 minutes each and is included in the price along with two trained technicians. There is a 100$ delivery charge and depending on distance from us, there may be a extra time added for drive time.

*The more people you have, the more time consuming the process will be and the less races each person will get. We can do about 300 races in 3 hours.

Standard 3 Hour Rental$1000
Additional Hour of Rental$250/hr
Delivery Fee$100
Travel Fee (If over 1 hr away)100/Hr

Booking and Availability

Use the contact information below to request a quote and inquire available dates.

Brooks – (970) 370-1126 Call or Text

Watch the BMF DRS in action with this video below!!